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The Technological Advantages of UA Business Software

* Technology - UA uses pure Microsoft Technology. There are no proprietary code or programming tools used throughout UA. The front end is pure VBA. The "Customization Manager" is Microsoft Access. In the last couple of years mainstream accounting software vendors who have adopted VBA as the "Programming Tool of Choice" have been, among others, Great Plains, Solomon, Epicor, and PeopleSoft. These companies are now using VBA to "wrap around" their core legacy code. The basic reason this tool has been adopted is because VBA is a rapid development programming language and is, in fact, the Microsoft Office standard programming language.

* Database - UA Corporate Accounting Enterprise not only uses the MS SQL Server 2000 database manager, it was designed and optimized for it. This means that it uses fully normalized databases that maximize the utility of MS SQL Server 2000. Furthermore, the use of native Microsoft Technology in UA makes for a more efficient connection to the SQL database than other products that use older, proprietary programming languages on the front end. On the other hand, processing in UA Enterprise is server side intensive using Microsoft tools and languages. Consequently, other products with an MS SQL Server database can be at an additional disadvantage when compared to UA Corporate Accounting Enterprise.

*Customization - The customization tool for UA Enterprise is MS Access. Access uses VBA code and variety of visual tools and wizards to "drag and drop" objects onto forms, reports, and queries. This new visual tool automates the process of writing code and therefore allows developers to rapidly build applications, thus saving you money on customizations. This is not possible with Dexterity or older versions of VB as these toolsets and code from the 80's and early 90's are not "object" oriented. Hence, the reason our competitors use VBA as the add-on to their core code.

*Cost-Effectiveness - Because of the use of Industry Standard tools, the rapid development platform, the total integration with MS Office, among many other things, UA Corporate Accounting can be customized and brought online much more efficiently than any other accounting solution which needs some manner of customization (don't they all).

*Reports - There is no such thing as "Too much information". If extracting, processing, and analyzing your data easily and efficiently is vital to your organization, you should know that report writing capability in UA is unparalleled! For the very first time in history, businesses who are not classed Fortune 500 have the tools to analyze data that were only available to very large corporations just a few years ago! UA uses the industry standard tools of Microsoft Access and SQL Server- relational database management systems, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, and FRx! No product, regardless of price, has more power to extract and process data than UA Business Software!

*Price - With the above facts in mind, PeopleSoft is six to seven figures in price and the other mentioned products are substantially more expensive than UA Business Software. Why are these products "so much" more expensive?