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The Tools

No matter what requirements your business may have, we write application software to meet those needs using industry standard tools such as Microsoft Access, SQL, Visual Basic,, Visual Basic for Applications and Visual InterDev. UA Business Software empowers your employees with highly intuitive tools to give them better decision-making information and streamlines your business processes with a corresponding reduction in labor costs.

Our custom applications automate manual processes and eliminate the redundant use of multiple spreadsheets or repetitive data entry in endless different programs. In addition, your data is generated and stored in an exceptionally stable and extremely controlled environment so that data is not lost or damaged. Best of all, once the data is entered into the system it can be accessed by a variety of people and departments to meet multiple sets of requirements - all in a single database that is easy to manage and easy to use.



Any business that wants to remain in business must be on the playing field of the world wide web. Whether that's business to business, business to consumer, customer relationship management, warehouse management or supply chain management, UA Business Software Development Services creates the solution that is exactly right for your company.

UA Business Software provides the solutions and applications for your company's e-business and e-commerce requirements. All our applications are developed to create a seamless environment of doing business, executing processes and conducting employee work flow over the Internet. Whether your customers are checking order status, suppliers are updating delivery schedules or employees are entering sales orders, our web based applications enable your company to be more efficient, more competitive and more profitable in today's global economy.


Accounting Integration

Best of all, our application software solutions can be fully integrated into the UA Business Software line of accounting software products. UA Business Software offers a complete suite of financial and accounting applications that are fully scalable for every business enterprise. These applications provide the backbone and foundation to the development you require by providing the basic business rules and logic of your business in full compliance with generally accepted accounting principles. The feature set and functionality of the UA products encompass most general accounting requirements of any business. From there we build custom, seamless applications that fit directly within the UA products so that your customers, suppliers and employees can't tell the difference between UA and the custom application. It is all working together!


The Process

The key to a successful development project is the process with which it is undertaken. The processes we adopted are considered "best of breed" and then continually improved over time.

  • Today our process begins with the writing of a comprehensive set of software specifications complete with screen shots and detailed descriptions of the feature set and functionality of each screen. During this process we work closely with the customer to insure that the code being designed and documented on paper incorporates all of the customers' business rules, logic, workflow and requirements.

  • Once the software specification is approved by the customer we enter an extremely controlled process of development. This is done by breaking the job down into many small tasks and milestones, insuring that the project does not become stalled on any particular issue or move away from the approved design. Throughout this development process the customer is involved in a series of development review meetings to insure that software as envisioned meets the business requirements.

  • Next comes a process of testing that moves each object of code through a four step testing process. If at any point it fails a testing criteria, the bug is documented, fixed and the testing process begins again from the very beginning.

  • Finally, we use a phased deployment process moving through a series of releases. This allows for the software to be easily transitioned into the business environment it was designed to automate.

All processes are regulated and controlled by a project manager. This keeps the customer, the developers and the project on budget, on time and the final solution is what the customer wanted.