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We use the services of SWREG of Digital River to sell and deliver our products. You will be taken to their secure site to select the product, quantity and method of payment. Once you have completed the purchase, SWREG will send, to your email account, an email with a link and instructions to download your purchase. You will then be given several options. You will be able to then download the product any time you wish over the next 12 hours.
  1. You will be asked to provide Credit Card information or if you prefer, you can fax or mail payment.
  2. SWREG will then send you an order confirmation that will include a link for you to follow so you can actually download your purchase.
  3. You will have 12 hours to complete the download. If you have not completed the download in this time period, you may contact us or DigiBuy to extend this period. You will need your order number to extend this period.
  4. For a fee,  you will be given a choice to have SWREG archive your purchase so you may download at any time in the future. Make sure to uncheck this "Extended Download Service" or this option will default to 'Selected on' and you will be charged an additional $8.95 for this feature. (This is an optional choice that you must 'uncheck' if you do not want the archive for future downloads).

Please note, these additional fees are completely optional. They are based on the selections you make during the ordering process. The only item that you might have to pay for is state sales tax.

If you have any problems ordering the software using SWREG, please contact us and we can arrange to use a PayPal request.