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Does your business require access to information, employee efficiency,  connectivity, and a custom fitted solution. At First Choice Software, we're not just developing software, we are helping companies to maximize business value with information technology. We utilize open development standards supported by Microsoft's Office and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Our solutions are designed for today's demanding business environment. We can provide you with the ability to manage your business information.

First Choice Software has been developing, selling and supporting quality software since 1984. We know how to get the job done!

We specialize in the design and implementation of custom database applications utilizing Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. When an off the shelf solution just won't cut it, you then require software designed to meet your specific needs and data requirements.

Database solutions range from very simple collections of information, like an address book or customer order history, to very complex collections of data such as an inventory, sales or accounting system.

So, why would you want to incorporate a database into your existing operational procedures?

A successful business needs to be able to use their historical and current data to make informative decisions in the fast paced, competitive business world.


The closer you are to the finish line at the start of the race, the easier it is to win!